Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ciudad Juarez

Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis New Mexico
He was a Preventive Medicine Specialist
For the Air Force
Duties: Industrial Hygiene, Toxicology,
Environmental Medicine, Public Health
Everything from swimming pool inspections
To Mosquito collection and identification
To VD interviews

He once rode a helicopter on a mapping expedition
Of the base perimeter to identify potential mosquito breeding areas.
He once rode an ambulance as a volunteer to physically extricate
The remains of a F-100 jet pilot who flew into the ground.
He once interviewed a husband and wife, together
About which was the source of their gonorrhea infection
(They both pointed at each other.)

His buddy, William K. Smith
Was a Flight Surgeon technician
On flying status
Collecting a few extra bucks a month for it.

They were heading out for a weekend in Juarez
About 300 miles Southwest of Clovis
They got off late on a Friday afternoon
And stopped a little over half way
At another friend's mom's home
In Tularosa, New Mexico
The next morning... 'Mom' made them
New Mexico style enchiladas for breakfast
Small corn tortillas, stacked about 3 inches high
Each layer with sauce, or beef, or cheese or frijoles
All topped with a fried egg
They were so hot they made the Airman's eyebrows sweat.
Still, to this day the best enchiladas he has ever had

They spent the day in Juarez, roaming from bar to bar
As teenage Airman would do
Whiskey sours for a quarter
Each bar with a line of woman outside and in
Groping and trying to catch attention for a quickie
And a stage for the ladies to take turns strutting their stuff

At their last stop of the evening
They sat in chairs that directly faced the bar's semi-circular stage
And ordered beers
It was better than a bird's eye view

Finally, one of the seasoned strippers
Hit the stage and between entertaining the whole crowd
Would occasionally squat directly in front of one of the
Guys drinking at the stage

She was working her way systematically from her left to right
And sure enough, she stopped in front of the
Barely 18 year old, small town Ohio ex-altar boy
He was doing his best to look composed as the two
Were also bathed in the bar's spotlight

While she was in front of him trying to tantalize everyone
He chose to casually pick up his beer and take a swig
Then return it to the stage in front of them
He managed to complete that task before she
Figured out what he was up to
But the she had his number

She bent real close to him
Smiling and moving provocatively
Then took both breasts in hand and
Smacked him on both sides of the face
One right after the other
In the process knocking his glasses so they sat
At a 45 degree angle
The audience roared
And the Airman turned deep sheets of red

The rites of passage
Some never leave you

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